Pioneers in the industry

If you visit a Walker Methodist care suites neighborhood, like the one at Havenwood of Buffalo, you’ll notice something special. “The residents, along with the aide on duty, are family in these neighborhoods,” said Amanda Pitsenbarger, executive director of Care Suites of Edina. “Residents are still vibrant and vital members of our community.”

Since 1992, Walker Methodist has been leading the senior living industry in the care suites model. At the core, care suites model our mission of Life. And all the living that goes with it. Beginning in Edina, care suites were created to provide high levels of assistance in a home-level environment. “This model of living sets people up for success,” Amanda said. “It’s a good fit for residents who need some assistance while maintaining independence for as long as possible.”

Care suites are made of units of five personal apartments—complete with kitchenettes and private baths—and a shared living area. Looking around Havenwood of Buffalo’s care suites neighborhood, you might not wonder why the hallways are short and wide, but team members see the effects every day. “For those dealing with memory loss or dementia, seeing a long hallway may be enough to keep them from ever leaving their apartment,” explained Amanda. Short hallways look less daunting, and less daunting means residents feel more secure and free to move about the building.

This attention to detail and understanding is a hallmark of Walker Methodist’s care suites model, including those at managed communities like Havenwood of Buffalo, but it’s not the only thing that sets our model apart. To accommodate older adults who may need more help to feel comfortable or safe, the resident-to-caregiver ratio is 5:1, which means someone is quickly available whenever a resident needs assistance. Caregivers manage medications and help with bathing, dressing, and grooming. And, skilled team members create individualized care plans for residents based on their wants and needs, making space and time for what matters most to residents.

“The majority of people living in these neighborhoods benefit most from encouragement and structure,” said Amanda. And if a resident’s needs increase? Transition to increased care is easy. When a resident moves into a Havenwood of Buffalo care suite, their rate stays the same—even if more care is added. What doesn’t change, though, is the community at care suites.

Creating a community

It’s no secret care suites offer best-in-class service, but the community they create is unique, too. With a greater level of attendance to individuals, aides get to know residents personally. In fact, supplies stay in-unit so aides are always present, and residents can gather in the living area.

Even events are intentional at care suites. Everyone is invited to all events, but most activities go to the residents, rotating from neighborhood to neighborhood. If residents don’t want to or can’t leave their caregiver to engage, this model allows activities to come to them. Not only does this help residents make and maintain friendships—it allows them to serve their community. “Some residents serve for parties and at dining time. Other residents help roll silverware or make decorations for upcoming events,” said Amanda. “Residents look out and advocate for each other. At care suites, neighbors are serving neighbors.”

Care suites are available at four locations, including Havenwood of Buffalo: Havenwood of BurnsvilleHavenwood of Maple Grove, and Havenwood of Minnetonka.

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